Our family

Our family

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Not only is tracing the only way I can draw (hehehe), it is also a great song by John Meyer.
I have fallen in LOVE with it.
I looked at the chords the first day I learned how to play guitar, and I decided it was waaaay out of my league.

Anyways, here, I really wanted to tell you about my day...

I called legal-aid, and after about a month of waiting, they have finally placed me with a LAWYER! This is the (second) BEST NEWS ever (and by ever I mean this week... hah)! Thats one step in the right direction :)

Then I drove into the city (twice because I forgot everything on the first trip) and gave them copies of all my paperwork. Then I went ... shopping. There is this new-ish store that I am in love with for its ability to fit my odd size so perfectly (they order European) I LOVE my purchase, and it raised my mood :)

Tonight, after Nod was asleep, I cleaned the kitchen really well, and then went to Facebook... OOPS, doesnt exist anymore, Jay Oregano switched my password so I am locked out (THANKS Jay!)...

Aren't you proud of me?

So instead?

I decided to learn the song I thought was out of my league.

I have all these questions about strumming and fingering though.
You see, the G7 seems easier when I change the fingering from what I read online... is it okay it have the third finger on the high E string?
And the strumming is so tricky! I wish we could slow it down to get the rythym right.
Oh, and the BEST NEWS ever (and by ever I mean this week)? I have a new calling in Young Womens!

C'est la vie... Il est Bon

avec amour,


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  1. Nice :D Congrats on learning your new song and getting your lawyer, and your new calling! What a fantastic week. And good luck with your facebook thing ;P