Our family

Our family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Look like I started writing this poem in April 2011

In an attempt to make beauty
(or make beautiful poetry)
I begin to calm

I press California reds with Florida yellow
and sooth my wanting lips with a lemonade pucker

My strawberry fingers will not wash
they occupy my six string
to relax my wandering hands

But without my want,
and my wander, and my worry
My words do not express
the same sights and sounds and symbols

All I can say is that your face
which did not touch mine
and your hands
which did not hold mine
asked me for a poem
I cannot write
for I am calm

Friday, April 1, 2011

After a long day

After a Long Day

24 hours is all it takes
to break
my resolve,
break my back,
heart, soul, mind

6 months is a long time
to wake
my mind
teach me
to better utilise
the reds and blues of this big heart.

1 moment is all it took,
to lose you
your readership
I would persuade your return

I promise not to climb your tree
         nor spell out words that should not be
         nor make firsts of love
         nor thens of marriages, and babies in baby carriages