Our family

Our family

Monday, January 23, 2012

Not wounded sir, but dead!

 Our battle with the pox began Sunday... they got much worse after this! Poor girl :(
 Some of the fun times we had staying home together... I like how the hand print on my jeans was so perfect... even though it was gross and sticky!
    Nylon head
 this was totally her idea!
 After the broken tooth my friends cheered me up by helping me make my fave Pntbtr No bakes!! 
Doesn't he look happening in my cutsie apron... but the pic turned out so blurry (couldnt post it on FB cause he looks better than I do... something must be wrong with the camera ;)
 I tried to get a good shot of the broken tooth, but she wasnt interested
Wink certainly kept that Sabbath good and 'Hole-y" haha

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