Our family

Our family

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's late so I'll make this brief...

I have learned so much this month! Patience, endurance, change... more change. How to break bad news, how to not break bad news... How to break bad news to yourself. Hah. We battled Chicken Pox and Polisci class, 'Prison' breaks and inter-Provincial dating ;) The main lesson I took from it all.........

Be the you that you love in other people.

Become the person you would marry.

Attempting to become such a person has led me to make simple changes in my life that have brought the Spirit into my home. I started by praying about a dating scenario, and the domino effect led me to a series of blessings. I followed one simple answer that made little sense at the time, and ended up with blessings in plenty of (semmingly) unrelated areas: my summer housing lined up, my messy house became easy to clean, school became more interesting, and I had an increased desire for righteousness.

All we need do is follow the Lord, do our best, and everything works the way it should. Even difficulties serve amazing purposes.

Oh, and I almost spelled purposes "perposes"... time for bed.

Wink ;)

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  1. great post...a lot of great things that you learned:)