Our family

Our family

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Found this old poem. Its probably one of my favorite five Ive written. Maybe the best. Its too bad that its about an ex because Its just so dang good. I currently love that part that makes it sound like Im jealous of the Tshirt he will keep around, even tho he wont keep me around. I dont care to be with that person anymore, but the poem is just so well written I have to post it.

When “We can't see each other anymore” AshleyElizabeth
go ahead, blindfold me.

I still see you,
thinking on half a piece of Sweet Peppermint gum,


like steel strings,
caressed by your calloused fingers--
fingers that pick locks, find baby her pacifier,
dip into freshly grated cheese
swatted away


like the ruffle of your feathered hair,
stirring jet strands and disclosing two white secrets-
another age within.
snowy owl, nervous


like the stir of your spoon
in a steaming midnight Ovaltine
dressed in ball shorts and an old white tee
the worlds greatest Gramma mug in one hand,
and in the other,

not me
not the puzzle of my fingers fitting yours
nor the question of whether my eyes are blue-green or green-blue
nothing to provoke emotion
or confuse.

Go ahead, caress the six string, kiss the Ovaltine, and lie
with the old white tee you'll keep
forever, and ever, and ever.
while my fingers trace your nothing
on the bed, and my tongue tastes absence
before the Sweet Peppermint even hits
my lips.

Close my eyes,
and when “we can't see each other anymore”

I am still the expert on you.

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