Our family

Our family

Friday, May 25, 2012

Post Mothers day- A Celine Dione type Tribute to the woman who didnt kill me

For all those times you tucked me in,
 for all those kisses on my lips,
for all the pain in birthing me
for all the stretch marks that you see
For every dream you made come true
and the ways I repaid you
I'll be forever shamed my mother
youre the one who held me up
until I chose to fall
youre the one who saw me through
through it all

You were my  target when you were weak
when I was mad i would refuse to speak
I rolled my eyes when you  talked to me
stole the icecream when you couldnt see
shuddered at your arm when your hug reached
and piled my dishes in your sink
I ever will be shamed
but you still loved me

You gave me wings so I could fly
Now Ive got some teens, make me wanna cry
when I lose faith
I just remember me
and know no star is out of reach
you could deal with me, hormones and all
Maybe I can stepmom after all
Im grateful for each glare they give me
maybe I dont know that much, but I know this much is true
I deserve anxsty teens
for what I did to you

You were my  target, I thought you weak
sometimes I yelled or just refused to speak
I rolled my eyes when you  talked to me
stole out at night when you couldnt see
Ticked you off during every speech
and talked about you like you wouldnt believe
I really do deserve
the teens in that backseat

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