Our family

Our family

Monday, February 27, 2012

All the JUICY details

Ok, so its not that juicy, 'its' not even anything... I may be working this up to be a big deal, but its not. What Im trying to say is, Im not in some steady relationship or anything... I just feel like I could be... my life is progressing! Wahoo!

So, I go to church one day, and end up sitting with the very handsome and single Vin Deisel look-alike (or so Ive been told). I was astounded when he not only sang every hymn, but in harmony! I was enthralled watching him dote on my two-year-old... and I thought, is this guy single yet? (up until then I had been under the impression he was dating someone seriously)...

Unsure how to found out the answer to my question, life went on and a few weeks later he sang in Church. I distinctly remember making a mental note to find out if he was dating someone or not. Yes, Im that creepy ;) I passed him in the hall and told him how much I liked the song... specifically because I figured that he didnt know who I was, and maybe that would encourage him to find out :P

Also, around that time, he got called to be the Young Men's President (the leader of the male youth in our church, ages 12-18), and for those of who you dont know, I work with the Young Women (but I work mainly with the 14 and 15 year olds).

So, at my next play date I asked my good friend A about Vin (they are cousins), I said "is he still dating that girl", in the most innocent uninterested voice possible... but she totally caught on "WHY!?! are you interested?"
Blushing followed, and A talked to him about me. Luckily he is the kind of guy who wants to do things himself, so there was no set-up, but we did start talking to each other at church and playing basketball together with the youth... and one day, he asked for my number...


You should have been there, *happy dance* almost immediately we began chatting on text messages, and he asked me on a date only a few days later (obviously not via text, he is too cool for that :P)

I was excited, in a giddy girly 17year old way... but I never imagined it would go so well...

we have a LOT in common... We always had something to talk about, we were flirty and fun and on the same page, AND... we read my textbook together. Yup.  ^_^

Analyzing a paragraph about multiculturalism in Canada put our date over the top, better than any thus far. It was a spiritual night, a fun light, a workout (skating), and an uplifting night. I know we will go again, though he hasnt asked yet... it was just THAT good.

Now, Im not saying Im going to marry the guy, Im just saying, heck, there is someone I dont immediately want to say no to, someone who immediately I find more attractive (in a myriad of ways) than anyone before him. Someone mature, responsible, fun, educated, spiritual, talented, active, determined, handsome, and who... is... pursuing... me! Can you believe it? (and that will keep happening as long as he doesnt join the blogesphere and see how over the top crazy excited I am about one single solitary date!)

So, the end... only really, its the beginning... cause even if this goes nowhere, I finally know Im ready. My house has been clean lately, my marks have been good, my life is finally settled enough to take on another life, to include another person, and Im oh-so-excited about the possibilities :D

Oh and one great thing about it, everyone knows him. He plays a big role in my ward and not a single person has 'warned' me about him, its quite the opposite. As soon as I tell someone, they jump from the idea of a first date to marriage... haha... like the Stake President who said "[Vin] would make a GREAT father"... yup that's right, seal of approval. :P


  1. first of all, liz, I LOVE the title of your blog (and the lil bit about Brosie). Second of all, I love "hearing your voice" through your blogging. I'll admit I just skimmed this post, but it sounds pretty excitng. Love you and can't wait to hear more

  2. Sounds exciting, you have worked so hard and will reap the rewards. Thanks so much for sharing your life with the ones that care about you. I can see now why Carla enjoyed my blog so much. I get kind of emotional when reading your blog. Take Care, be careful and enjoy!

  3. Thanks Lisa! It is pretty exciting :D
    And Dean, you're the best ex-step-father-in-law a girl could ask for!!