Our family

Our family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Running out...

Im running out of creativity and inspiration.
I used to write poems with my heart, and now I write them from my head.
I hate mechanical pencils.
I wish I could use a feather quill.

Im running out of youth.
My body will no longer take in unhealthy food and keep it there.
But good health takes time, of which Im running out,
After Ive made her breakfast, cleaned her up, played, gone to school, and meetings, and made dinner, and washed dishes and cleaned out the car,
I just dont feel like making myself a healthy supper.
Wasting time pressing blend on the vitamix,
making my jaw chew, or my lips drink

I only have time to waste on facebook, or thinking about last year, or poems I shouldnt have written, or read aloud. Im running out of reasons to focus on school, and to forget lots of good memories.
Im running out of gas in the car, food in the refridgerator, money in the bank...

I will never run out of butterfly kisses, and that two year old button nose will always nudge mine before saying her prayers, and goodnight to the moon.

At least until she's 14

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  1. Isn't it true. I feel like I'm running out of everything as well. But life is beautiful, and I just can't stop smiling. And I can't blink, cause I miss so much in the tiny millisecond. Since when is my baby a toddler? WHEN did that happen?