Our family

Our family

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A poem you shouldnt read, or at least read into. I was experimenting with rythym :P

Double Dutch

Your whispers wake me
Your green light plays me
A jump rope,
Two thumps of cord on pavement
For one touch of my feet
Skip a beat, skip a beat, skip a beat, skip

Another rope holds me
And holds you away from me
A knot, or a circle
Mine hid in a drawer
Yours a crown

So double me up, playing Dutch
or German or French
One rope I see solace
One rope I see burden
One two, up, one two, down, one two three four

The ropes mix their messages
Mix and I dodge, I twist
to the right or the left
Courier, Times New Roman
Bold, italics underlined.
And my crossed t’s wave to
Your dotted i’s

The Arial calms me
and scares me, and calls to me.
Reminders of what could have been
how much I gave,

Oh the rope you could tie me in
And I, freely, would have been
Tied, knotted

Instead I jump
We jump
Careful of ropes,
This dangerous trapeze, or web, or snare
But you are Caution
And I am Care

I just land on my feet,
Then take off for the jump
Land, air, ground, sky
Your turn, mine, yours, mine

Words lighting faces
Asterisks of expression
I can tell you are happy
And I will be
I jump, then I wait,
one two three.


  1. Yes i am the first follower!! I love the poem it has good rhythm and seems like a good portrayal of your life right now. Thinking of the reference to types of font and your churchill essay :) keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Yay! For being the first follower you should get something... hmm... hows about a smile? :D

    Types of fonts and Churchill eh? Never thought if that, but it works. This is precisely why it is great to share your poetry with others, cause they get something totally different than you would expect!

    I have a few favorite parts, but one is "You are Caution and I am Care"... I like how it randomly rhymes there. I also like that the meaning of rope changes almost every time it is used. My other favorite part was deleted tho, unnecessary for the poem really.

    Thanks Jare!!

  3. Geez I had just typed a nice comment and it didn't post. But lets try again :D I will gladly take your smile thank you very much. And I will say that you really shouldn't leave people hanging like that. "There was this deleted part that was my favorite." I mean now I will be wondering for the rest of eternity (until i have all knowledge that is) what it was that you wrote ;P

    On a technical not, I am viewing your site for the first time on the laptop. And maybe it is just the laptop, but the yellow font is not coming through very well. Just a thought

    I sure hope that you have a better day tomorrow. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh dont worry Jare, you wont be wondering for the rest of eternity, you will forget before too long. However, I promise to tell you in... lets say... forty years. That is if you still remember :P

    Yellow... I'll have to switch that up...

    I am having a better day, I got a priesthood blessing and Im feeling uplifted. The Lord does not promise that the persecutions will be lifted, (the mountains shall be depart and the hills shall be removed and the valleys shall be lost beneath thy feet) only that we will be lifted through them (but oh my child, my *kindness* shall not depart from thee). I feel of his kindness through my amazing friends and family, and your prayers encourage me to persevere.

  5. 40 years?! Geez I will be so old by then. Well if I put it into my ipad now, it will remind me in fourty years :D

    You should hurry up with churchill so you can start blogging again....

    Keep up the good fight

  6. I have finished Churchill, and will take a small moment to blog, even tho I dont really have time.

    40 years, yes. Hope you still have your ipad by then ;)