Our family

Our family

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Exhaustion has been seeping into the pours of my body since February, and now Im overcome! Too many late nights, too many middle-of-the-night wake ups with Nod, too many early mornings, too many white hot chocolates from timmies ;)
Buuuuuuut, I must go on. Write a 7 page paper, prepare for the move, prepare for the summer, write a 5 page critique, study for exams, scrape more dried cereal off the floor... and because I have *so* much to do, there is no complete update today, just some things to get rid of!

The following is a list of thing I have to GIVE AWAY before I move (cause Im moving into a fully furnished place)

  • High chair, baby bath tub, probably some toys too 
  • table, one chair, some dishes, some appliances (toaster, toaster oven, blender and possibly more)
  • nightstand, dresser (both could use fixing up, I got them with the intent of painting them some awesome colour but never did)
  • Queen size mattress and box spring
  • likely a couch and a love seat (but I might put them into storage for later)
  • this brown shelf thats supposed to be a stero shelf but I use it for extra counter space and cupboard space
  • a large bookshelf
  • a nice TV I'd like to sell (for about $200)
if you want anything, FB me

aaaaaaand... thats all I can think of. Better go back to writing my essay... I wish school was over all ready, or at least essays and projects... but I only have one more week of this stuff, then about a week for exams, then A BREAK! Three weeks of packing, planning, and dejunking... wooot! Doesnt that sound like fun? Well compared to essays it sure as HECK is!!

Love Y'all


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